Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Day in My Life as a Mother - when we travelled to Kuching

My daily routine, as a mother, sometimes does not allow me to pursue what I love doing - documenting my children, as in 'photographing' them. My camera sometimes just lies down somewhere around the house that even when there's this specific moment you think you want to capture, you either get too tired or you just don't want to do anything about it, thus the memories are just stored for you to remember.

When kak Zubye encouraged me to do a photography challenge, that is to document my life, my view in a day - I promptly agreed. I chose the day that the whole lot of us went for a trip to Kuching, co-incidentally for husband's work trip. Yes, we are super-clingy to each other.
We did not manage to explore Kuching that much because it was a very short trip plus my husband had to work. Nevertheless, some say, when travelling, that is when you get to know the people whom you love so much the most. From where did I hear that? Hahahaha. Nevermind.
These are some momentos that I managed to capture. For my memories.

though I am breaking my own rules of the blog, who can resist the coloured version of the sunset by the river